Shooting at popular Amsterdam swim location leaves one dead; Manhunt ongoing


A 24-year-old man was shot and killed in Amsterdam at a busy recreational area on Saturday. The gunman was still at large on Sunday morning with the public warned not to approach him if found.

The incident happened in the Oeverlanden Park at about 4:25 p.m. on a jetty stretching into the Nieuwe Meer, a lake separating Amsterdam Nieuw-West from the Amsterdamse Bos. The victim was wounded and taken to an area hospital. About four hours later police announced that the victim had died.

The offender was described by police as a skinny white man in his twenties or thirties, with curly black hair and a goatee. He was wearing blue swimwear, a hat and sunglasses.

Police were still trying to figure out the motive behind the violent act, though one local crime news site said it was the result of an argument between the victim and a man accused of trying to steal a friend’s wrist watch. “In order to clarify the circumstances, the investigators would like to get in touch with people who were present there prior to or during the incident and who have not yet been spoken to, or whose contact details have not yet been noted,” police said in a statement.

Authorities asked the public to contact them if they have selfies or videos from near that location. Police were looking for videos and photos even if they seem unimportant or insignificant.