Large crystal meth lab found hidden underground


Police in Monfoort, Utrecht discovered a crystal methamphetamine laboratory hidden in an unusual area on Thursday. The illegal setup was constructed inside six linked sea containers which were hidden underneath a large pile of clay used to reinforce dykes.

“The location and its entrance were shielded in such a way that they could not be seen on aerial photos or from the public road,” police said.

Three men were arrested in the case including the 59-year-old owner of the site. A 53 year-old from Zaandam was taken into custody and a 50-year-old from Hoorn. All three were remanded into custody for two weeks at a hearing on Friday.

Four kilograms of raw crystal methamphetamine with a street value of approximately 350 thousand euros were found at the scene, along with 96 liters of base methamphetamine oil. Other raw materials were also recovered along with drug waste.

Two vehicles were also seized in the investigation.

“In recent months, several such labs have been found in the Netherlands,” police said. Nationally, the police has formed the Synthetic Drugs Cluster, a team of investigators from several disciplines who have teamed together to tackle the production of illegal man-made drugs.